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Russian Union of Juice Producers held its annual XIV International conference of juice producers “Juice World – 2015” which took place on April, 15-16 in Moscow at hotel “Holiday Inn Moscow Suschevsky”.

Conference “Juice World – 2015” was held with a support of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russian Federation. Co-organizer was Federal State Budget Scientific Institution “Research Institute of Nutrition”.

Official Sponsor – Multon.

Conference Sponsor – Sady Pridonja.

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Juice industry in Russia has become a modern food production during last 20 years, based on the best global practices. Volumes of juice consumption increased several times and reached an average European level. Russian Union of Juice Producers was founded 15 years ago as a voluntary union of juice producers.

It was noticed in the welcome speech of N.V. Fedorov, Minister of Agriculture of Russian Federation, to participants of “Juice World – 2015” that: “Implementation of the policy of import substitution and ensuring of Russian citizens with qualitative and safe food stuff in the current macroeconomic conditions significantly enhanced the role of food processing industry. A positive trend is the growing public interest in a healthy lifestyle. In connection with it juice products firmly held the leading position among the most demanded food stuff”.

Several sessions of the Conference included a large amount of topics relevant for the juice industry.

Plans to reform the federal, regional and municipal control and supervision, what business should be prepared for in connection with the adoption of a new legislation on waste recycling - was discussed at the session "New in Legislation on Production, Treatment and Control of Juice Products."

Next sessions covered the issues of raw materials for juice production, packaging materials, regulation of juice products circulating in the market –  both theoretical and practical aspects. Control of juice products is paid special attention to – analytical methods and parameters, tools and procedures of control along the whole chain of supply were discussed at special sessions. Introduction of procedures based on the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) mandatory introduction of which is established by the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union "On Food Safety" is one of the discussed tools to ensure product quality and safety at production.

Seminar “Nutrition Values of Juice” organized together with Federal State Budget Scientific Institution “Research Institute of Nutrition” closed the conference. It was dedicated to substances and energy that can be got by a human from juice and it was oriented on the juice specialists, nutritionists and representatives of media. The task of Russian Union of Juice Producers is to collect, compile the studies and correctly communicate the information to professional and general public

In his welcome speech to the participants of the seminar “Nutrition Values of Juice” Academician V.A. Tutelyan said: “Juices play an important role in nutrition of children and adults. Especially in the country where winter lasts for half a year …. Dietary fiber, pectin, Vitamin C, carotenoids, minerals: iron, potassium, magnesium, a number of other trace elements, which when properly consumed daily make up the share that we need to get in our diet”.

Annual professional conference “Juice World” let representatives of juice companies meet, discuss relevant issues and exchange their opinions and share recent achievements.

Innovation production technologies and equipment were presented at a mini-exhibition within the framework of the Conference. Trade Mark TORK and company Vikan were presented by exhibition booths.

Workshops on new packaging solutions took place during the Conference.

New tastes of juice produced were offered to participant of Juice World. Innovations mean competitive advantages for producers and tastier, healthier and available products for consumers.

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